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Not much to add to the original topic: Chops is struggling to make time for himself, since he's pretty much scheduled 50% of his time with me and 50% with Xena, leaving 0% for himself. He's trying to pull some time here and there without making things difficult, and "Quality Time" girl over here (me) struggles with that when it would be one of our days together.

It's a work in progress - he's working on trying to do more for himself, and I'm trying to be less apprehensive about "losing time" with him. Friday night will test that...

I really just came here, though, to say I'm glad I'm not the only non-phone-talker. I talk with Chops, and once in a while my mom. Otherwise, I prefer non-phone interactions, even at work. Emails, texting, F2F... all MUCH more preferable to me. Glad it's not THAT uncommon a neurosis.
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