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Default Glad to have found this site

Hi everyone, I'm 23 y/o hetero male from Mumbai, single with brown athletic body.

I am very pleased to have found this site.

It is extremely hard to connect with other polyamorous individuals in India, considering the prevailing social dynamics. I have traveled all over India but sadly the situation is similar throughout- though I found the North East to be the most open minded, especially the Lepcha people of Sikkim but it isn't feasible to live there on a long term basis in a tribal community. Although Gangtok is wonderful.

So basically I avail the services of attractive prostitutes and have been doing so for close to a decade now. After bedding 1000+ women by the grace of God I haven't got any major diseases- I always take the highest precautions.

But increasingly the sex act with prostitutes seems to be shallow and vacuous- I would love to meet ladies whom I can also connect with mentally and share a friendship with, while respecting each other's personal sapce and liberty to enjoy a rich and varied sex life.

Feel free to send me an email or private message on this site. No rush at all, we can meet for coffee or drinks and see if it works! Males are welcome to write too, just for hanging out, or if you would like to join me in scoring some paid female companionship.

As much as I would be delighted to meet someone on here I just don't think that there are enough people in India like us and it is still a very sensitive and taboo topic. Too much judgment and nosiness. Therefore to avoid rustling feathers I plan on emigrating ASAP. Thailand is wonderful. I have an Indian friend there who has 3 female partners all live with him in the same flat in Bangkok, and he still goes out to the clubs etc. Very relaxed and sexually liberated vibe.
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