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I enjoyed talking to Estrella Saturday night picking up my pizza. Although I am just a customer ( a regular) I don't know how to interpret the things she tells me.

Now she tells me she wants to start her own business... A mobile food cantina/ catering.. Then she said it's just in the planning stage...I am flattered she talks about her dreams to me.

So when I got home with the pizza, I told Perlina as well as Trixie, (our female friend who witnessed our open marriage contract) about what she told me. They both seem to think it's "cute" that she talks to me like a close friend...Personally, I don't know what to think...I just know I want to get to know her better...

I just don't know how to let her know Perlina and I have an open marriage and I want to go out sometime...

At this time, Perlina has been the only woman I have been with in over 22 years...Perlina just tells me to do what I with another woman scares the heck out of me...WHY!

I will proceed with caution... Estrella may just see me as a supportive older man..

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