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My biggest issue is the problem I have accepting myself. Part of this stems from never having been accepted for who I am-other than by N. Which is why I am so deeply in love with him.

My parents attempted to raise me to believe homosexuality was wrong. I don't believe it. I was engaged once and tried to explain to him who I was. He responded by doing all he could to break off every one of my friendships because, since I told him I believed I was bi, EVERY person in my life threatened him. Breaking that off was the first step in asserting myself.

I am not working through being poly in therapy as of yet. I do deal with the fallout from the relationship with P and with the issue of feeling incomplete. I have yet to delve into being poly. As I said, I've been in denial. I see my therapist this week and, yes, I believe I should start dealing with this identity. Thank you.

I have bipolar 1 disorder (commonly known as manic-depression). Sometimes, even when I'm ok with who I am, I just don't like myself. It's part of the condition.
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