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a self-serving viewpoint to deflect personal responsibility away from themselves.
As much as I would tend to be the martyr in a situation like this, I have to agree. Her charge of drama does have some validity but I think that given the strong feelings we had for each other, that my reactions were understandable. (this thread is a true record) I don't want to guess at her motivations but I wish she had had the integrity to just spell it out. I have dumped people myself. I broke up with a girl to go with her and I was just as cold. I did not have as strong of a connection with the other girl but didn't really care if she knew exactly why I was breaking up with her. I feel like there are some similarities here.

If you remember, I started this thread with, "I'm almost fifty and thought I would never even have another relationship." I still have those fears despite evidence to the contrary. These past three weeks have been flirtatious to say the least. I've been adored, loved, confided in, respected, and approached for my wisdom. I have certain proof of my likability and continued options. Seriously, I met at least 15 solid flirts in the past three weeks. I danced with women, gave massages, cuddled, had sex, sat up in the middle of the night with a girl who really needed a friend, talked polyamory with a sex goddess, and walked around the lake with the prettiest young woman. My love life is far from over. (and these past three weeks should be a book)

Metaphorically, we say that we give our hearts to someone and I really gave her my heart. Nobody I've met recently even comes close. How do I get my heart back? Rieki therapy?

Copperhead, here are a few more words for your tear ducts. A little something I wrote the other day.
He saw her for five delicious months. She gave so much of herself, just about everything. The one thing she couldn't give was her whole life.

He had just wanted the moments, each of which felt eternal, but with so many desires satisfied, he wanted more.

She had already given all she could and didn't have anymore to give. That caused the break that he didn't ever want to happen.

For him having everything and wanting more, all was lost.

Now he drifts on and life goes on. He's still as charismatic as ever and women are easy for him but they don't matter. They're not her.
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