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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Ha, I spent a week on okc iming with a guy who just didn't get I was poly. My profile says, Open Relationship AND Non-mongamous, OK? I mention in the 2nd paragraph of the first section "about me," that I have a live-in gf and a bf who lives nearby.

This guy just didn't get it. He asked why my bf looked at his profile (I almost always send a link of ppl I am talking to, to Ginger, he enjoys it). I said, he's a good poly bf, he's looking out for me. No, he isn't jealous.

A few days later he accused me of cheating: "You have a steady bf and yet you're looking to date others." The hell? Where does my profile say I am not dating ethically? Sheesh. Finally I called it all off, he was just seeming dumb and dumber. Then he says, "I don't need men looking at my profile." I guess that weirded him out a lot! lol So when I told Ginger that, he went and looked at the guy's profile again, just because.

Then the guy msged me to complain Ginger had looked at him again, saying, "Is he jealous?"

So, my point is, even when you have banners and neon signs proclaiming your polyamory, some mono people just insist you're just a cheating whore.

This mostly sounds like a case of you can't fix stupid!
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