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Question Polywog Confusion Again

Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Sorry it was confusing before!!

There is also the fact that where I live it's just not a big deal to be "blunt".

I am the poly-person in this situation. But that doesn't change my opinion on how relationships fall out in terms of priorities. I REALLY do believe that if she wants to be accepted as part of hte family-the way she needs to go about it is becoming A PART OF YOUR family. I.E. becoming important to YOU.
IF she does that-she COULD meet those people AS YOUR FRIEND and ultimately if she REALLY worked on her relationship with you-she could be a family friend.

She's really being brainless in THAT aspect.

THAT being said from me, and I'm OUT about being poly. My whole family and my friends know I am poly. My whole family and friends know that GG is my boyfriend and Maca my husband. Maca's family knows too and GG's friends know.

BUT-there IS a protocol for how things WORK. It's not about "right" or "wrong". It's about does it WORK, is it FUNCTIONAL?

And her methodology-isn't functional.
Little confused here. BTW I like blunt. Who is being brainless? And what isn't functional? Is the gf trying to be a friend and being shutout because of insecurities? One more question, the process of coming out has to start somewhere, correct? How does that start once the SOs are aware of it and accepting to a degree? Someone has to meet someone's family or friends? Is a year a significant amount of time? Two? HELP!
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