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Well, we really did follow through on what we talked about. Curls and I have removed ourselves from the swingers scene for all intents and purposes. We DO go to the club when we get a chance too, just because our relationship doesn't so much as even garner notice there, where we would be the subject of whispers and pointed fingers almost anywhere else.

I had mentioned before that Curls' parents were going to potentially be a serious problem when we came out as poly. It turns out that this has alleviated itself in an unexpected way... for better or worse.

I don't think I have ever mentioned that Curls is the sister of my best friend from high school. She was ten and I was fourteen the first time we ever met when Greg brought me over to his house after school one day. We became friendlier as the years went on and despite a four year age difference, her mom and dad became conditionally okay with the idea of the two of us dating when she was sixteen. This is strange considering that their parents are ULTRA ULTRA conservative Christians. But they allowed it to happen, so I'm not going to analyze that way too much. The thing that struck me during those years was how horrific of a person Curls' mom is. She is manipulative, overbearing, almost comedically condescending. She is that person that believes the entire world is centered around her. If anything isn't about her, she will make damned sure the subject is changed so we are talking about her.

This annoyed the hell out of me growing up, especially when she would use my relationship with Curls as a weapon against us to coerce my wife into doing everything she told her to, at the risk of not being able to see me for days, weeks or months at a time. It was okay, though. We knew this was a temporary matter, and that we wouldn't be under them forever. Things got worse not long after we married. Greg joined the Marines and was critically injured while in Afghanistan. Things were fine for a month or so, but then we had to take Greg in because after all the attention his mother was getting because of the incident wore off, he basically just became a big millstone around her neck that she had to take care of. And as her busybody friends got bored with making her the center of attention, she got bored with caring for her kid. In the end, we decided to take him in.

Everything went well, Greg recovered fully and he is just fine today. But the experience severely damaged all three of our views toward their mother. Completely unrelated, there was a huge blowup between them and all their kids for financial reasons a couple weeks ago. The specifics aren't necessarily important, but the result was nearly all the kids, Curls and Greg included, decided to permanently excommunicate their parents from our lives.

As such... we no longer have to worry about their manipulations when we come out. That's a good thing, because Oldest is starting to ask questions. I said that she's smart, she obviously knows that something is going on with Curls, Freckles and I beyond what we are saying.

She mostly talks about this with Freckles, as the two of them have connected in a big way. Freckles was helping Oldest with her homework last week and abruptly asked her "Do you love my dad?"

Rather than try to dream up some non answer, Freckles did the intelligent thing, she just straight out told the truth. She told her. "Yes."

My daughter said. "Does my mom know?" And Freckles gave an affirmative to that too.

All four of us are planning on having a talk in the next few days. Not sure what direction that's going to go, but we will see.
Me - 37 years old male, father of three wonderful girls.
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