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Originally Posted by Coldtoes View Post
Hi Tiberius - I have brought the idea up a few times over the last few months.
I am pretty much an open book. Part of my struggles with this and the guilt about how I feel has even led me to repeatedly ask him to find a normal woman because I love him enough not to want him to have to deal with this because of me.

He seems to be his calm loving self and wants to look into it if it is what I need and he hopes he can make it work.

Very scary for both of us but I have trouble not trying something that seems so true to me out of fear.
I don't think the idea that he needs a "normal" woman is something that needs to be explored. (You are not abnormal for wanting more relationships, so don't beat yourself up about it.) It seems like he loves you dearly and wants to stay in the relationship with you. Don't tell him to leave you and find someone else because you are feeling guilty over some perceived harm you are causing. He's chosen to be with you. Remember that.

The fact that you two have spoken about it and is willing to explore the idea of polyamory is also good.
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