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Hi I have been lurking here on and off for about a year.
Trying to see if this life style may be just what I am meant for.

I got married young to my high school sweet heart, could never be without him. 20 years together in a loving and still very intimate relationship I can't help feeling I need more love and intimate connections in my life.

For a while I believed what society said and thought I must have married the wrong person or must just be very selfish but the truth is I am just a person who falls in love with people's souls and can't seem to be satisfied putting up boundaries between myself and people I love because of the religious programming of society. How could more love be a bad thing?

I have not cheated but have met another soul I love. It's doubtful that one will work out but it feels like I know what I need now.

I'm curious how others came to the conclusion poly might just be who they are.
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