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I'm with you guys.

I think the "decent" thing to do as a human being is to try not to hurt anyone, so much as you have the power to avoid it.

Going around careless of what effect your actions have on others is selfish and juvenile.

I do think that if someone is feeling negative emotions about a positive thing like love, then it is beneficial to them and their relationship as a whole to confront those negative emotions and see the positive. But that doesn't make it perfectly fine for me to go around inflicting those emotions.

At the end of the day, we can only be responsible for our own feelings and actions. Is it my fault if someone doesn't approve of me dating their SO? No. Is it a kind thing for me to do, knowing that's how they feel? Definitely not. So it comes down to, do I want to be a kind person or a careless jerk? Personally, I prefer to be a kind person...
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