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Isn't all chocolate cake vegetarian?

Now vegan chocolate cake... not so tasty... I mean, it's really sweet and chocolatey and gooey, but it's just missing "something." It tastes...watery... Cake without milk and eggs just doesn't taste right. I have a friend who's vegan.. I could never do it... Vegetarian I could do, provided I had a personal chef, since I would never get all my protein and vitamins, left to my own devices.

I'm going on a 2-month Buddhist course and retreat in Nepal this fall. They provide all your means, vegetarian. I'm so excited to be a vegetarian for two months, without the trouble of figuring out how to be healthy about it!!

Vegetarian Recipes? I make a mean spinach lasagne... even my redneck husband was forced to admit it was delicious. Of course, vegetarian chili is always a classic. Don't bother with that ground round stuff, just use extra beans and veggies (mushrooms, carrots, celery all work). Tacos, using refried beans instead of beef. Veggie pot pie is yummy. I *love* falafels, as well as hummus with anything.

I just want to add, all the best vegetarian dishes I've had were "originally" vegetarian. Trying to take a beef dish and convert it to vegetarian never seems to work out quite right. It can still be delicious, but usually you have to go so far from the original meat recipe that it becomes a whole new dish... I've never been a fan at all of fake meat. I just don't see the point. If you want to taste meat, then eat meat. If you want to be a vegetarian, don't pretend to eat meat :P I stick to this even when you're trying to convert meat-eaters (although I think that should be a personal decision).

Of course, if the motivation is health-related, i.e. high cholesterol or heart condition, it's a slightly different story. In that instance, you probably don't "want" to be vegetarian, you're doing it because you "have to" and then it makes sense (I guess) to "fake it." :P
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