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Hello Elemental,

Have to say that I am liking your blog, even though I feel so sad as I read it. Seriously hoping that you get some form of happy ending with Raven. Am I being silly for wishing for a fairytale ending for you? You certainly deserve it.

A guy I was dating recently was attempting to subtly manipulate and control me in an emotional way. We had several arguments in which things were twisted so that it seemed as though I was to blame. One occurred when I happened to mention that my little boy was awake and crying when he tried to talk to me by text. His reply was "ffs get a soundproof room?" He had barely known me and now he was making impatient and flippant comments about my son. I called him on it, and got the whole "hormonal, neurotic woman" line. Then my husband expressed his distaste about the comment, and he immediately backed down and apologised. He seemed to have a problem with any sort of feminist viewpoint as well. He went quiet after our last falling out, after he had moaned about me neglecting him when I had an exam and coursework assignment to work on for my degree. I had expressly told him that I would be unavailable for actual dates until those were out of the way. I was angry at him sulking like that, but hugely relieved as well. I have not heard from him since then, and I am more than happy with that.

So glad that you are out of that situation now, Elemental. Wishing you much future happiness.

RiverRose xxx.
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