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I have finished this month's class. Yeah! I think July is not going to be possible to get everything finished. I have been slacking on my paperwork at work and I need to do some serious catching up and hold quite a few meetings. The internship part involves 12 projects plus one more month long class. I will give it a good shot but the reality has set in.

I am going to the city with Joe tonight for a comedy club thingy. Things are going well, lots of texting, we have moved a little into sexting. He is driving, another big yeah! I did offer to drive but he said no! Prof loves having me drive him, I rarely get driven anywhere, so it seems like a lovely treat.

Prof was asking how the dating was going, I said very well, Joe and I are getting out and going to do things. Prof then asked me to go to a concert next weekend, I just checked and it was last weekend. d'oh. It did bring up the topic of getting him to commit to events, which, quite frankly, I have given up trying to do. If it doesn't happen on a Wednesday then I am not trying. There have been far too many, "let me get back to you," responses. His reply to that was, my ex is flaky and he has worked with that. Touche. But he seems all gung ho to go to some more live music events with me, suggested doing a munch (for the millionth time) A touch of the competitive side coming out. There was another activity suggested too, I forget what is was. I am not holding my breath. I think he is really struggling with MS Text's illness and the stress. He said he hasn't seen any of his other partners since we had the 3way.
Me: mid 40s female. currently in a monogamous partnership with;
Mr Dom: late 40s. 1 year.
Prof: recently ended open relationship.
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