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Shane sent me some nude photos that got me all hot and bothered. He's military, and his body is lean and cut. He's texted me a few times in the last few days, just nice, easygoing stuff. He's totally stepped up his game since we met in person. Now he references things I've told him about myself, and he seems really willing to devote time, energy, and money (he told me he always wants to pay for things when we're together) to get into my panties. Honestly, I love the attention, but I'm trying not to take it too seriously. I have no reason to think he sees me as anything more than a short-term investment.

I was walking around in a halo of bliss the other day. I can't believe everyone doesn't live like this. I get to live with my husband, who is my heart, and also I get to make love to these beautiful, quality people who are (mostly) nice to me. Is it possible I can have all the love I want, all the sex I want, and I can do it without degrading myself or damaging anyone else? The hard part is not drinking the kool-aid, not succumbing to the guilt of hundreds of years of patriarchy telling me I'm bad to want this, and I should keep my dirty passions secret, and I'm a bad person for "cheating" on my poor husband. When I let go of that guilt, I feel limitless.

Arlo and I chatted a bit about the possibility of him seeing other women, especially as he might start travelling for work. He said he feels like he would not be able to love more than one woman, and he's afraid he'd let things fall apart between us. Besides, he wants to focus on his career right now, which is taking off. I'm always amazed by how Arlo navigates the new twists in our relationship purely on his own instincts. I obsess, read a hundred books, and join web forums to come to the same conclusion Arlo comes up with while he's watching t.v.. Arlo is happy being monogamous, and I'm not, and neither one of us is right or wrong.
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