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My guys are both the type to offer, probably more than once, to walk a lady to their car, especially if it was at night. But they would both back off if the woman insisted like the OP did, and reassured that it was not necessary. Hubby is just a gentleman, and BF is too but also a former firefighter and paramedic. His motto is always Personal Safety First.

BF is likely to ask for a text to be sure you made it home okay. He and I do this every day when we have been out and about, and especially if we had a big driving day. He does it with our other friends also. We all kind of roll our eyes and say "who is texting him to let him know we are here safe?", but I like that he likes to know.

I can understand how he might take it a bit personally that you didnt trust him to keep you safe. But you dont really know him, and he should just err on the side of respecting your wishes.
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