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Originally Posted by Seasha View Post

I am new to the site. It was recommend to me by a friend who participates in Beyond the Love events.ship.

For many years I have been involved in 2 open relationships that were not what I consider a 100% poly relationship. Recently I met a new person who is involved in a long term poly relationship and he has shown interest in spending more time together.

With that being said, any advice for a semi newbie would be appreciated.

I have several views on what makes an open relationship successful, but the last guy I was involved with argues a lot of those thoughts. I am trying to determine if it is that I am looking at things wrong or if he was just trying to guide things in a direction that was more convenient for his needs.

I feel this is something I need to explore more before I get involved in a new dynamic.

Thanks and I look forward to chatting
Welcome to the forum. I was in open relationships before they transitioned into poly specific ones. Regardless of what anyone argues with you about, your opinion on what makes it successful is your own. If someone disagrees it likely means they don't fit your needs for a relationship anyways.

Moving from being open to poly was tough. Really tough for me. Having sex with multiple partners was easy. Once I fell in love with one of them, I had about 6 months of turmoil to figure it out. The whole free love concept didn't sit well with me..

Thats just my experience.. .. welcome to poly. Hopefully you find some of the info you need
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