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Originally Posted by elemental View Post
I have a hard time making connections and then just dumping people at the first sign of trouble. I hated the idea that someone could veto another. I struggled with the hierarchy. I had to think a lot about this, was it worth it?
Hi Elemental. I'm captivated by your story. I've been on the secondary side of a similar relationship disintegration for 4 years. Yes, 4 years. 2 years of heaven. 2 more of pure hell.

I connect with your struggles as noted above in vetoing another person. I connect with your struggles with hierarchy. I value Truth and believe in Consequence and hence LOVE the title of your blog. I , too, am living with telling the truth and the collateral consequences on all sides for being the only truthful person in our 'relationship'. But the truth had to be told. The lies , to spare the primary, were slowly killing me.

And a funny thing about your story, my (now former) boyfriend, used to passionately and tenderly call me his Raven Haired Goddess. I'm heartbroken for him. I miss him. I will love him and desire him like no other for the rest of my life. He and I believed we had a very rare chemistry and connection that could last a lifetime. But the emotional terrorism of his significant other and his deception designed to spare him more of her horrific meltdowns was not something I could stand in my life any longer.

If you're interested, you'll find a brief view of my 2 year hell in the link below in posts 43 and 45. A view from the Veto'd side.

I look forward to reading more of your story.
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