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I don't think you are weird at all (at least not in that aspect!) I happen to agree wholeheartedly.
GG is notorious for not talking-even when he should.
In fact that is sort of how this whole thread got started because I just really need him to be willing and able to be protective of me when it's necessary (which isn't often).

I don't know where things are going to from here.

Maca came home and told me that he doesn't believe GG and that he has a hard time not hating him.
He tells me that he knows how he forgave me but he can't figure out how to do that with GG (same process and it's a choice).
I asked him what he's afraid of, he said he's afraid of being hurt. I pointed out to him that he KNOWS I will hurt him, but he isn't afraid to forgive. He stared at me.

Ultimately I told him (just before he walked out the door a few minutes ago) that I love him. I've chosen the road I'm taking and I hope that they will come with me, but either way, I'm going down this road with my life.

I also said that the one who draws the line in the sand always loses. I left a long pause before adding-
I really hope you aren't the one that draws the line.

I do love him. I love both of them. But I can't deny that sometimes I wonder how I ended up in love with two men who are SO obstinate and who flat refuse to grow up.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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