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Originally Posted by RedPanda View Post
At least this writer is attempting to write in an honest way. I've seen a few writers try and conflate polyamory with incest and bestiality. But you know, here in the south, it's still legal to marry your cousin in many states!
Marrying your cousin is legal in many states in the US, as well as all of Canada, and I believe all of Europe (at least all of Western Europe). It's usually not considered incest, your genes differ enough at that point that it makes no difference compared to marrying anyone else who was also born in that country (someone from a completely different part of the world would make a difference, though).

Remember that DNA testing doesn't allow us to tell if someone is someone else's grandparent unless you have the middle person's DNA as well. People in the US always seem to overemphasize it, to the point that someone who is related through you in the most complicated way becomes "incest" to them. Most definitions of incest require you to be directly related, or with only one in-between. That is, your sibling, parent, child, grandparent, grandchild, aunt/uncle, nephew/niece are all closely related to you enough for it to qualify as incest, but your cousin is not.

Kind of unrelated to the rest of the discussion but since I see that kind of thing all the time I figured I would clarify. Although I talked a lot about genes but incest isn't a taboo due to genes (homosexual incest is still a taboo, adoptive ties are still considered incest) but due to being raised by each other or together, which most cousins are not. In that prospect, childhood friends marrying is closer to incest that cousins who were raised apart marrying, in my personal opinion. (Still, neither of the two actually is incest).
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