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Wow but did Prof and I have fun last night. Had sex first, went to the game, got back to his about 11, got thoroughly trashed and fucked for hours. Lots of dancing round the living room, eating chocolate truffles, drinking.I think we went to sleep about 3am. He set the alarm for 6:15am, we woke up and fucked till I had to leave.
Lots of talking on the drive up and back. We had to make a stop and he picked up a bag of chocolate truffles. I was driving so he handed them to me one at a time, I took a nibble, contemplated the divine flavours gave it back, he nibbled and I finished it. He said we had been together long enough that I trusted him to return the chocolate after having a bite. It was indeed one year this week.
We talked a little about relationships, I am still on Ms Text's hit list, he said whenever they argue my name is the first thing to come up. I told him he wasn't doing a very good job of being a hinge then cause I have never met her, all she knows about me is what he has told her, plus 2 hair clips and a hair elastic.
On the way home we talked about swinging, He has a friend who is exploring an open relationship and wanted to talk to Prof about his. I said I was willing to talk to her too, from the "secondaries" point of view and how not treat people, all sorts to do with what I have read here and in books and around the web. He is going to suggest we swing with her and her partner, I said I was game to meet them. I asked why not as Ms Admin as she is more experienced with swinging and he said he liked doing firsts with me. Sweet
He keeps saying that he "really likes me," I laugh, ridiculous. There is this little comedy clip that we watch and joke about, in it one of the character's ask the other, "Could you love me? Do you love me?" He says that to me a lot. I laugh. We are not allowed to be in love. It's in the rules!
Me: mid 40s female.

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