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I'm so excited. It's weird how I turned around in such a short time, but I'm so excited. She's got a date with her new friend set for Wednesday this week! She'll be hanging out with him late (most likely crashing at his place, knowing her) and I'll pick her up Thursday morning (move-in day) before or after I drop off the first load of stuff to be moved. Awesome.

I'm actually really excited for her, and I look forward to hearing how it went.

It feels pretty good, this feeling. It's like the tight tingly feeling I'd get in my chest when I worried about things and when I was jealous, but it's not painful. It's like a whole bunch of adrenaline backed up trying to burst out. I can't wait. I get to spend the night alone, but I'll figure something out. Maybe I'll just go to bed early so Thursday comes that much sooner.

We'll see.

Did I mention I'm excited?
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