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I had a dream about Doomed the other night. I woke up feeling pretty icky because of it, then it fled my mind. It just came back to me.

My coworkers and I were attending a banquet for some reason. I don't recall what it was for. I had initially not been planning to go, but at the last minute I'd decided to attend. Another ex-coworker had RSVP'd then gotten fired so I took her spot. When I walked in, I glanced around for my work's table. I spotted it and started to make my way there (it was on the far side of the room, kind of in the back). As I'm squeezing by people in the front, I passed by a table and BAM! There's Doomed. With her. He stood, said hello, and gave me an awkward hug that I didn't return. She just glared. I am panicked. I said to him "I don't want to see you, I don't want to..." I just trailed off. I felt like I was going to cry, so I walked away. Took my seat with my ex-coworker's name on the place card and move on.

Then the dinner portion and all is over. Some people brought instruments and formed a random band, playing all kinds of music. I went out to listen since a few of my friends were also randomly there and playing. Doomed shows up. Playing the instrument that he played for me on our second date. That he hadn't played in years before I encouraged him to pick it back up. I run out and plan to leave. Then, I heard them playing a song that always cracks me up. From my childhood. A randomly religious rap song that I still love to this day. I went back in to listen to it, and Boy appeared. Hubby was present, but floating around with friends. Boy saw I was upset. He came over and just gave me a huge hug and led me out. Doomed watched as we left together. I cried.

Then I woke up. Or moved on to another dream. Or whatever. It's weird. Having Boy be the rescuer. Having Doomed see us together when his main fear when we were dating was that I would fall back in love with Boy and no longer need/want/care about him.

I've never had this emotional of a time after ending a relationship. Then again, I've only loved 5 people in my life, one I'm still with, one I'm good friends with and no longer feel romantic toward, one that I knew wouldn't work out and accepted and moved on, and one that drifted away amicably. Then Doomed. Another one that I should have just accepted and moved on when I had the chance. Oops.
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