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Trying to catch up a wee bit.
I broached the subject of exclusive dating last night with OKJoe, he said that was his preference, wasn't into dating around. It was my roundabout way of getting to poly thoughts. So I backed off that I went to have a think and talked to mum. She said it is way too soon to be exclusive and Prof and Kip are both nice people so I shouldn't rush into anything just yet. Yeah mum! She said give it a year!!!
I texted OKJOe and said I wasn't ready to do the exclusive thing just yet and he said he agreed, way too soon, and was just speaking in general terms.
Kip, sex, tea, biccies, chat, great, all good there.
Prof. I did the early morning booty call Monday, I woke him up and we had good sex until the alarm rang. He came round later that night and after watching a bit of tv went to bed for a cuddle, I didn't even try to initiate sex. He brought up the subject himself and said he was aware his sex life was really suffering from the effects of stress of Ms. text's illness. She has been very unwell again and is not eating much or taking her meds when he is not around. He feels very responsible for her and worried all the time. He said the morning sex was good because he didn't have time to wake up and start thinking and stressing, he just got lost in the moment.He apologized of it had been affecting me. I said I had noticed the lack of desire and was glad he had explained.
We are going out tonight to see a game and maybe have fun sex but I am not so concerned now. I would actually rather not have sex than have disappointing sex.
Me: mid 40s female. currently in a monogamous partnership with;
Mr Dom: late 40s. 1 year.
Prof: recently ended open relationship.
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