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Originally Posted by saudade View Post
(Rights and responsibilities tend to be opposite sides of the same coin, in my experience.)
I would definitely agree with you on this one. Just never thought of it in exactly that way. Thank you!

Originally Posted by saudade View Post
In my constellation of relationships, if a rule is bothering me, I try to think about what right is being protected (and whose it is), and how that fits in with the responsibilities that seem problematic to me. That framework tends to put me in a more mature place for talking about the situation.

Marco, I agree with the others. Renegotiation seems to be the order. And I also understand how one pet name only can cause these reactions. Gator has always called me princess and I've yet to hear him call Kitten that. I just do not think he will due to the reason he calls me that (and it isn't often that he does). The same for me calling him handsome. That's used as a noun in that instance.

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