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Just an update, since I called Salamander this morning and explained just what this breakup means to him. I asked if he'd had sex with others (two women I know he has spend the night with so that I know). He slept with one of them, but failed to tell me when I asked how the weekend went. And I'm angry at him for this too, since I had said that I need to know how things progress. I actually was totally ok with them having sex (I did a mental exercise to see how I feel about it), but the lack of communication was wrong. And as I got angry he started his stable exuce of "I didnt't know it was so important to you, but now I know, I won't do it again, I'm sory, now I understand. You are important to me." I've heard it so many times during these past three months and even before I know it by heart, so when he started I just filled in the rest.

His is a mind I really don't understand as lying is such a foreign consept to me. I have a hard time even leaving information out or letting others stay misinformed. But to lie in such direct ways, I can't imagine how one can do it.

I was too self-absorbed…
Thank you for your words again. I will take time to heal, and I'm already healing. The funny thing here is that I struggled with polyamory partly because I feel so lonely and out of touch with people. I have a hard time making friends and keeping them and feeling friendship. Salamander wanted to help me with this so much. And now these past days so many people have offered their support and I've felt less lonely than in ages. Talk about lifes paradoxes.

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