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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Dude, respect. It's a concept you appear seem to be struggling with. That's fine if you're indifferent to the way people perceive you. But if you want to be taken seriously and have your opinions considered as valid and reasonable by people other than yourself, you'll need to learn to communicate in a way that doesn't alienate those around you. When multiple people tell you that something you said is generally considered offensive, loudly proclaiming "I didn't mean it that way, and it's your fault you took it that way" only makes you appear less aware of yourself. It doesn't remotely appear to the rest of us as though we should have read your mind and known that you meant something other than the generally accepted perception.
I wasn't disrespectful. I was actually saying that I and other people agreed with the main point. You were actually rather disrespectful to me in another thread and I let it go. I don't need to be told how to use a back button. Especially when I apologized in the thread and you probably skimmed over the thread and didn't see it. Or if you did, you didn't reference it.

As for this particular thread, all I was doing was echoing a point that someone else was saying.

As for the term breeder being may be to you...but not to most of the people I know and interact with. And regardless, my usage is my own usage. Words do have shared meanings, that's why, in general they work, but you can't assume you necessarily mean the exact same thing when you use a word. (See Jacques Derrida and deconstructionism)
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