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Feeling rested and much more optimistic about life these days. Still getting overtime, but not to the extreme.

I went to a poly event last week. Came home feeling glad to have caught up with some familiar people and excited to have exchanged numbers with a new guy. Totally not my relationship-type, but he seemed fun and a good potential friend/FWB. We've been chatting off and on since, but he has made a couple of statements that have really turned me off of the idea of going out with him one-on-one. Assuming that we would have sex being one of those things. Blech.

Hubby and I are having a party this weekend! Something we've never done, and about a dozen of our friends will be here for it. Some coworkers, Lady, Boy, Yarn, and more. It should be interesting when our coworkers realize what kind of friends we have. haha Boy is excited that I told him he doesn't have to watch his behaviour at all. Which means ass grabbing and random kisses will happen if we're truly being ourselves. Yarn will judge me. Hubby will laugh (he things Boy and I are couple-y and just denying our true relationship to one another lol). It'll be a fun night.

Looking forward to a fun week, even though I'm going to have to cancel a date which I HATE doing. Just because I'm poly, am open about the fact that I fuck multiple people, and agreed to go out with you does NOT mean I'm going to fuck you! Why must people assume?!
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