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Originally Posted by jeffanddannie View Post
Im glad I found this topic. I have two kids 15 and 9 who dont know, and we do alot of sneaking around I guess to avoid it. the main fear is not that they would have an issue with it, its that they would spread it to everyone, and we aren't ready to be out to everyone. some people we know wouldn't understand.
You can't be certain what they know unless you tell them. Kids are more perceptive than their parents generally give them credit for. Many people have been in your situation, and when they do eventually tell their kids, the reaction is often something like "What? Dad knew? I though you were just cheating on him."

If they find out some other way, there's an even greater chance that word will get out, because they'll need to talk to someone about it and they might be afraid to talk to you because if you've tried to keep it secret then they might think you don't want to talk about it. So instead they tell their besties and then their besties tell their parents, the parents tell other people, and before you know it everyone knows that you're "cheating on your husband."
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