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Thank you so much for replying I also read your story on the link you shared. Wow! What an amazing path you've followed with no lack of difficulty. That takes a great deal of strength and resilience and big love

Yes, I'm continuing to deal with a relationship that was likely doomed from the beginning. A poly man who ultimately could not handle it when I became poly with my husband. The irony, but this is not an easy path when the real challenges of loving and being loved romantically by more than one presents. The heart is unpredictable and we cannot always connect and integrate intellectually and emotionally.

I will always love this man. We had something very special. I think the relationship was meant to be. We both pushed each other to be our best selves. But I also think it always had an end that loomed on the horizon. What do you do with all this love? When you want more? But practically speaking you can't have it? Distance and 6 young children between us, and spouses both incapable of accepting us even though everything was open and even encouraged from his end at first. Until the emotional connection became too much for all of us to handle. There was nowhere to go anymore.

I am so glad he came into my life for a time. It is horribly painful to let someone go when you've become so attached. But beautiful to have been able to experience such love at the same time.

Here's my poem about all of this. All I felt in my poly relationship. I hope I am able to experience another love, but for now...I'm still recovering from my first:

What is that moment
where happiness
and sadness collide
when one
replaces the other
in a second
leaving you to believe
something is terribly
and wonderfully
perfect all the same

The bitter and the sweet
coming together
a taste unforgotten
a tear and a smile
crossing paths
on my lips
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