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Not sure if I should even listen to the podcast at this rate - I'm feeling EXTREMELY tetchy tonight.

Stumbled upon a repost of an article that Xena made on FB, about the fact that kids today don't get to do what we used to, and how it's regrettable (which I agree with - I loved wandering around in the woods, or just going to friends' houses, knowing I needed to be within earshot of mom, or home when the lights came on).

However, the comments on the article turned into a lot of pontificating by people who don't have kids about how parents are soooo afraid their kids can't handle it nowadays, and they should do this that and the other thing, and I pretty much saw red.

Yeah, I'd like my kids to be able to do what I did, but the system (at least in suburbia) doesn't allow for it. Nobody's home after school to go visit, and god forbid you be the BAD PARENT - the school has more rigid rules (no walking to school if there are no sidewalks, even though you can see the school from your bedroom window), you're really not supposed to leave your kids alone anymore (neglect), etc. The media does a great job of sensationalizing the CPS horror stories, or the "child walking alone gets assaulted" stories, and the atmosphere is now completely different. People are afraid of running afoul of the system and losing their kids if the fuck up (even if it's not reasonable), or just succumb to peer pressure from the other parents, and thus toe the new line.

And while I love discussion and debate like this, Facebook isn't the place for it. People preach to their own choirs with infographics and sound/video bites, and just want to see what they believe. I've only commented once on a political post, and it was because I couldn't take the WRONGNESS of it anymore. So yeah, I got tetchy when a bunch of non-parents pontificated about how people should be raising kids these days.

And here I go, starting up the podcast. Here's hoping it's a snoozer!

Edited to add:
Okay, I'm less tetchy after Xena and I actually had a decent discussion/debate on FB. Some good discourse, some interesting opinions, and yes, some agreement between us. I love discussions like that, and not just the "parents need to raise their kids better" rants coming from people without kids. That stuff drives me mental. Obviously. Wow, was I torqued.

Listening to the podcast. I find it amusing that terminology confusion is everywhere and not just here (what's poly versus swinging?). I dunno that I'd call the Showtime show "swinging" as much as I'd call it "sensationalistic playing to the camera".

And YE GODS are the ads bad!

I did like the observation that, as a hinge, Chops will tend to do things twice - and will experience them differently each time. It's definitely true in general - NYC with Chops was VERY different than NYC with the dance moms, or with my ex, or with my friends, etc. Not much time to get into anything else, but I think it went pretty well.

Okay... less tetchy, pretty positive about the podcast... time to go to bed while it's going well! Nighty-night!
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