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Originally Posted by vanquish View Post
No, it's not unreasonable. Especially with a term that's not in common parlance.
The term breeder is indeed very common. Most folks understand it to mean people whose major goal in life is to have children without much thought about it - just pop 'em out because that is what we're expected to do. "Breeders" are brainless babymakers.

I personally was not offended by the use of it, because taking offense at something is a choice we make that I feel is generally a waste of time and energy, so I rarely ever let myself feel offended by others' actions - and especially not over any strangers' words on message boards. I did, however, recognize the rudeness of using that term, and that is what I commented on. I am intelligent enough to be able to see something as obnoxious without being personally offended by it.
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