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Originally Posted by copperhead View Post
Ok, my first real experience at polyamory didn't go down that well. I wasn't ready (I thought I was, and I tried my best) and due to that other people got hurt (as well).
Every romantic relationship I have had in my life has come to an end at some point. Who knows if I will meet someone who will be with me from now until I die but exactly all of my experiences to this point have demonstrated that this is unlikely.

That being said, all of these past relationships have ended for good reason but ended in hurt feelings on at least one side. People get attached to each other and to the idea of being together, so when it ends there is a high probability that someone is going to be let down.

Originally Posted by copperhead View Post
I've been reading this forum and lots of articles about polyamory, but haven't still found instructions on how to fail at poly and keep the casualties at minimum.
Without a description of what you are actually talking about I can only assume that you are talking about drama bombs being dropped at the end of a relationship. Am I close?

If that's the case, then it is much ado about the people involved. Self-absorbed, insecure, and possessive people are A-L-W-A-Y-S going to end relationships with casualties. My only advice would be to tell you to avoid associating with these types of people if you want to dissolve romantic relationships without drama.
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