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I guess it depends what you mean by "fail." I mean, sometimes relationships end. That's life. It doesn't mean you failed. I like the attitude that it's only failure if you give up and refuse to try again. Otherwise it's just learning a experience.

I would say that as long as you're being sincere to yourself and your partners, you're considering everyone's feelings as being equally valid and important, and you're not being a general ass hat, then you didn't "fail."

Going forward, look at what you could have done differently. For example, you figure you weren't ready. What do you mean by that? How will you know, by contrast, when you are ready? Do you need to learn more communication skills? Do you need to gain an awareness of yourself and how you function? Do you need to learn more about how other people function, what different people do differently, etc? It doesn't sound like you were just being a selfish prick who doesn't care about anyone but yourself, or else you wouldn't be here talking about your own supposed failure but rather you'd be talking about how everyone else screwed up your party.
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