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Default Time Management

I was curious how you guys seem to use your time for all of your relationships. One concern that I have with my wife and I doing this is that our relationship has always taken lots and lots of time and communication. We tend to drift apart without it.

For example, I just got done working 17 days straight and we didn't get to spend as much time with each other one on one as we usually do. Between that, watching kids and having different schedules it has been very hard. Then to top it off, the guy that my wife really liked is staying with us as he has no place to stay right now so he is always around. There is always something getting in the way of our quality time.

So my question is if we can't stay really close during this time how is it going to be if we are out with other people? I believe that we have to revamp our relationship and learn how to be in a different type of relationship with each other. I know that my codependency, self esteem and confidence problems are really getting in the way of this. I mean how do you love someone and care about what is going on their lives and at the same time not caring what they go out and do? I feel like I am not supposed to give a sh** about what is going on. It makes me very confused... but curious!
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