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Default Podcast has been published

Well, Chops and Xena had their podcast interview yesterday. I haven't listened to it yet (and won't get the chance until after work), but figured I'd post the link. From what I'm told, it was pretty generic and didn't really allow for enough time to explore anything in depth.

Episode is March 24. If you download the MP3, I'm told they come in about halfway through:

Note: I think real names are used. If anyone comments, please use the nicks in the sig. Thanks!

Edited to add: If anyone thinks it's worth posting in the "Press and Media Coverage" topic, please let me know... I planned to wait until I listened to it, since I'll be less inclined to post it if it's too generic to actually say anything.

Edited more to add: Xena has since warned me to take it with a grain of salt - given their audience (it's a swingers' blog), it's got the "poly/swinging is better than monogamy" bent to it. Again, I haven't listened, but figured I'd add the caveat.
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