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I take your points Magdlyn thank you, it shows me that I have explained very badly. I will not go into too much detail but, he does recognise that he is bad at the 'emotional' aftercare sort of stuff and that is part of the reason that he waned me there in the first place. He is actually very good about being well equipped in other ways - chocolate, drinks, blanket etc, it is the need to interpret and respond to unpredictable emotions that he knows he is not good at. I understand why he wants me there (rather than someone else) I just feel that it is 'not my thing' on this occasion so he is going to have to deal with it one way or another. When I spoke of clingy I didn't mean it in connection with aftercare, I meant that I think she wants more emotional involvement (over time) than he is willing or able to give. That is part of the reason why I have cautioned him against getting involved with her. There are other 'safer' people that he sometimes plays with who would be willing to play again, it is not that I object to the play dates I'm just concerned about his choice of partner this time.
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