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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I wouldn't scene with a Dom who didn't express a good aftercare plan. If he's "too Aspie" to understand how to do that, he needs to do some research and work on that aspect. It's just as important as tying, flogging, or whatever play he does. If part of his research involved finding a mentor/dungeon keeper kind of person, so be it. I think a good Dom is a responsible Dom.
He understands it all in theory. His 'issue' is not due to lack of knowledge, lack of research or lack of experience. C and I both get sub drop occasionally so he is used to recognising it and he is used to our very different reactions, what bothers him is the very random nature of it. He really isn't as horrible as this makes him sound (he isn't horrible at all, actually he is a very kind man) but it is down to lack of inclination to deal with it or to engage emotionally on these occasions. I will talk to him specifically about this and suggest that if this encounter is going to happen he needs to be very clear with her about aftercare and about how long he intends to stay so that she understands in advance what the arrangements are. She will then have to decide if this is right for her or not.
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