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Originally Posted by primalcupcakes View Post
I don't think that's a fair assessment. You read more into my post than what is written. The Old Man and I have had many, many conversations about our relationship wants and needs. He knows what I would like and I know what he would like. We are both respectful of each other's wants and needs, committed to one another, and working from comfortable middle ground.
The "all one happy family" scenario is something the Old Man himself has told me could theoretically happen given time, compassion, and generosity.
Based upon your comment here....

Originally Posted by primalcupcakes View Post
My Old Man and my boyfriend haven't met yet, but we are inching closer to it. The Old Man would prefer to keep everything separate and compartmentalized and never meet my boyfriend, but I don't think that's possible or healthy for us.
Yes it is a fair assessment.

Old man has expressed that he wants nothing to do with your boyfriend. Why not respect those feelings. He isn't telling you that you can not see your boyfriend just that he wants no interaction with him.
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