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Afternoon micro-update.

Came home for lunch and we had a great lunch out at Home Depot. We discussed me selling my house to move into something smaller. I really don't want to, but I have to do what makes the most sense if I can't find a job.

Lots of Papa and Babygirl interaction going on. Felt great. She'll still be going home tonight, but I'll be a lot more comfortable. She joked with the dogs "Booo. Papa has to leave to go to work. He's leaving us and never coming back." I played back and said "Booo. Babygirl is leaving to sleep at home tonight and she's never coming back." We started kissing and hugging and reassuring each other that all is well.

By the way, some may be wondering if we're in those roles 24/7. We're not. I'd say about it's 50/50 - adult time and Babygirl time. Sometimes if I overstep the bounds of her autonomy she'll pop out of Babygirl and back into adult mode. Other times she'll surprise me the other way around.
Me - male, 42, poly, straight, in a serious relationship with Audrey, also casually dating.

Audrey - female, 20, poly, pansexual, also casually dating.
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