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How do I know that the fear of change and new things is gone and the rest of my anxiety is normal newbie issues?
To me?
  • Asperger fear of change anxiety--> have to solve the problem eventually.
  • Newbie issues anxiety -- > have to solve the problem eventually.

Still have to solve the problem either way, so putting energies into the (problem solving) bucket is more efficient to me rather than putting energies in (what type anxiety is this?) bucket. Esp when doing that seems to add to the anxiety level in the bucket rather than take away from it.

At this time, are you able to call it "anxiety, either type A or Type B, but for sure anxious!" and then move on to problem solving?

Is this the order from least stinky to most stinky?

My list of fears:
1. I'm scared of not being good at polyamory. That I'll be a failure.
2. I'm scared of being good at polyamory, because that will lead to endless changes I can't even imagine.
3. I'm scared of turning into a catatonic robot zombie that will just let everything and anything happen because all the emotions have disappeared.
4. I'm scared of not doing anything and being stuck here forever with the potential of everything turning out fine but too afraid to try.
If you put them in order of least stinky to most stinky, which stinks least? Because that's how I choose what to do when all the choices stink. Pick the least stinky. Maybe you could try that to minimize anxiety/panic attack from being in ambiguity?

Sometimes deciding something, resolving self to it and taking action could lead one out of the shaky merry-go-round and on firmer footing. No longer anticipating this could happen or that could happen or what if THIS OTHER thing happens and working oneself up.

I don't know if that could help you, but it helps me when I'm in those shoes.



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