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Default Its been a while ...

Well, November, December, Jan, Feb, and now march, since posting here. I am home full time with ZF now and it has made her a very happy person. BB is now driving full time with her son, and she says that she really enjoys driving with him because he apparently gets less 'grumpy' than I used to. I can tell she misses me greatly though, and I miss her too. I try to spend every day online with her while she is gone, and do ok at at it, but now that I am home, we have had almost non-stop guests here. Friends and other drivers that need help with their trucks, taxes, etc... I enjoy very much helping others out whenever I can. Sometimes they give me money towards helping them repair their trucks, and that's great, but I do not require them to do so. ZF is enjoying all the attention, not just from me, but from the constant barrage of guests as well. I would have thought, that since she was alone for so long, that it would have gotten under her skin, but it has not. She seems much more at peace with herself and the world more so than ever. Myself, I miss BB -- A LOT -- and feel guilty sometimes that I am not there on the truck with her, holding and loving her like she deserves. I can tell she has had a roller-coaster sort of mixed emotion towards not being next to me every day, but she handles it well. Knowing the situation is not permanent helps a lot I think. Myself, well, I have never been 'home' on a permanent basis --EVER --, especially in the last several years (15+). It has been very good for me I think. I have been keeping busy, slowly restoring our yard and home to its former glory as well as working towards paying it off, so that BB can be home more. Her son has now earned a deep respect with me as well. There aren't very many 21-year old guys that are willing to work full time for free just to help the 'parents' pay off their house. He says he enjoys driving our family truck, and being with his mother more as well. The situation seems almost too good to be true now sometimes, so I go out of my way NOT to take advantage of it. I think its important that we do not loose focus of our goals, and that we work toward all of us being together more,...all 4 of us...Perhaps I should pursue a home-based business that we could all participate in, here in the near future.

Anyway, thatís All I have for now, hope it wasn't too boring,...Dstone
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