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Originally Posted by Kernow View Post
My view is that none of those reasons are valid, if he wants this encounter fair enough but if he doesn't trust her or himself or if he is worried about his relationship with C then he shouldn't get involved. It isn't really my responsibility to meet any of those needs.
I couldn't agree more. Basically, if he's insecure about himself in this other relationship, then it's his responsibility to confront that issue. If C is insecure than it's her responsibility to voice her concerns and do her own self-care. If this other woman is such a potential threat, then like you say, maybe he's better off staying away.

For me, as more of an exhibitionist, I don't think it would be much fun being watched by someone who's bored out of their mind. I wouldn't take it personally or think that it means I'm boring, but I would probably get distracted if their energy was completely messing up the scene.
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