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Originally Posted by LoveBunny View Post
@Deverijni if you lived closer together, this might inevitably happen, accidentally or because of a social event he wanted you both to attend. How would you expect bf to handle this?
I know it is inevitable, and this is why I WANT to meet my metamour. I said I wasn't there yet because this has not yet happened.

My boyfriend would not want us both to attend the same social event. I suspect the way it will go is that when his husband is visiting, his husband will attend work/social events with him and I will not attend if I have been invited by the hosts, and when his husband is not visiting, I will go with him if it is hosted by someone who knows about our polyship.

We live in a small town and my boyfriend is not comfortable with everyone knowing about our relationship in case it reflects negatively on how his marriage is perceived by people we work with. I can understand this - it is still big news that he is married to a man. Throw in bisexuality and polyamory, and I think the minds of most of our colleagues would implode!
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