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Originally Posted by Kernow View Post
e understands that, but what he said next left me totally shocked; he wants me to go and watch! My first reaction was to say no, that it is outside my comfort zone and not something I want or need to be part of.
I met Gralson through the kink scene. We used to go to BDSM parties. A few times, I watched him play with other people, but I never got excited about it. At first I felt like a "bad poly" because I wasn't feeling all awesome about him having fun with other people. Not that I'd call it jealousy or even envy. It was mostly just boring, like being the kid with the cast at a birthday pool-party. I didn't want to be the birthday girl, but I didn't want to be stuck on the deck either.

Has he expressed his desire as a "need" and if so, was it a need to have you specifically watch, or just to be watched by someone? Lots of people have voyeuristic fetishes and I doubt he'd have too much trouble finding a suitable substitute.
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