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Love love love love! So in love with two totally amazing men. I have never been happier. Spent the morning with DarkKnight yesterday, had a good lunch date and then we were at the game store together to have a look around for the biannual Bizarre Bazaar, which is like a giant flea market. Then he handed me off to spend the rest of the day with PunkRockAwesomesauce, who was selling a bunch of stuff at a table.

I sold the one thing I brought - the Star Wars automobile sunshade that M bought me for Christmas. It didn't fit my van and had been emanating bad juju for months. The guy that bought it was jazzed, so it went to a good home.

C3 was at the sales event and spent some time sitting and talking with me about trivial things. I noticed him staring at me all during the day when he wasn't talking to me. PunkRock said he noticed that too, and that he thought C3 looked sad? I dunno about that, but I did introduce DarkKnight to C3 and they had a brief convo about beards. Lol C3 still makes me a bit nuts. I still find him attractive for all the reasons I originally got buzzed over him and those feelings are there still. However, I have zero desire to act them at all. I can enjoy his attention and conversation, but it is a little draining emotionally because it's sort of a disappointment for me. I mean, I am in SUCH a happy place and he is single and depressed and anxious as always. He needs to find someone.

PunkRock and I had totally amazing, mind blowing sex all morning today, beginning around 2 am. I just can never get enough of this man. Just crazy. Every day spent together is just, just amazing. Then I was feeling emotional this afternoon and he responded with a teary declaration of long lasting love and support - oh he melts my heart!

We are back at my house right now preparing to go on vacation. Tomorrow my daughter, PunkRock and I are headed for Great Wolf Lodge for a much needed break. My hubby really wanted to go but his vacation days are limited. I can't wait to hit the water slides and then snuggle my butt off with my sweetie! We are meeting a bunch if friends and their families there, so more than likely, my daughter will be staying overnight all week with her own posse, so PunkRock and I will have an entire 8 person suite to ourselves!
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