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Originally Posted by LoveBunny View Post
I'd like to know if anyone here maintains multiple relationships which are lived out entirely separate from one another--I mean, your lovers do not interact at all for whatever reason. I'd also like to hear from those of you who don't have an even casual relationship with your "metamour." How does this level of compartmentalization affect you and your relationships?

Obviously, purely sexual, casual relationships works fine within these circumstances, but I'm wondering more about long-term relationships. Can they be sustained while keeping "worlds from colliding?"
Depends on the people.

It couldn't work this way for me. We don't have enough time as a family to diverge too far outside of the timeframes we are responsible for.

Any relationships needs to "fit" into the family. Does this mean they all need to get along, no. But it does mean sometimes, there will be group meetups, or get together that have to satisfy the people involved.

As for purely casual long term... I couldn't sustain that. I would either get bored, or it would turn into something else. I enjoy casual sex.. (you know the kind with shorts and t-shirts) but it usually does diverge at some point. If I am interested in fucking someone, and they have the potential to be great friends, there really isn't a stretch to jump to a relationships.

If I am fucking someone, and we have so little in common that I just basically want someone to fuck. My brain gets bored.

Casual sex is short and sweet.. besides I always end up worrying I am leading the person on. Regardless of communication it does sometimes change up.
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