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Ok, I will try the blunt approach next time I see him, might be tonight.

Last night was very fun with OKJjoe. We had some dinner first in the Irish pub and then a short walk to the venue. Very diverse age range crowd. The warm-up band were good but the main act was fab. He usually is kind of countryish, bit bluesy but last night was all funk, he even managed to weave in some Beatles and a little Pink Floyd, definitely not country. I gave Joe a few light kisses and he held my hand or had his arm around me for much of the time. It was really good music and vibe, I danced till my overworked quads gave up. The he walked me back to my car and we smooched in the over-lit and very busy car park for a while. He smells good and is a lovely kisser.
We are meeting today to go kayaking. I will need to do some serious stretching, I upped all my weights at the gym yesterday and worked out hard, everything is tight today.
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