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Originally Posted by LoveBunny View Post
I'd like to know if anyone here maintains multiple relationships which are lived out entirely separate from one another--I mean, your lovers do not interact at all for whatever reason. I'd also like to hear from those of you who don't have an even casual relationship with your "metamour." How does this level of compartmentalization affect you and your relationships?

Obviously, purely sexual, casual relationships works fine within these circumstances, but I'm wondering more about long-term relationships. Can they be sustained while keeping "worlds from colliding?"
"Purely sexual, casual relationships," can still be tricky to manage within those confines.

In my case, such a thing would be nearly impossible for him and not fun for me (she would have to see him only when he's away from family, unlike myself, if she were to have no interaction with his spouse). Ideally, I think it's great if metamours are friends-- that way everyone is in a mutually beneficial relationship and all parties helping each other out. But it's possible to work around that.
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