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Thanks for the posts everyone :] well i guess my biggest fear in all of this comes with myself...With me i guess ive always looked at sex as something that was special...for me sex is never just sex, its something you share with only the most special person in your life. I am aware that im not the only one that she feels this way about and thats why im here i guess. I dont want to deny her her feelings in any way and she doesnt want me to deny mine as well but being so insecure with myself makes it really hard for us to come to a point where we bowth feel ok.I know shews not gonna wait forever for me to say its all good and i dont expect her too.Fear of the grass being greener on the other side or it being so much better with someone else has a tendency to overcloud your emotions and your judgement and this is what i want to overcome for her.I know what she thinks of me and our own sex life and im happy with the answers but its not helping it go away.It is new to me actually trying to move forward with her [tried the whole changing her thing the first time and it broke us up]and it is getting easyer when were arownd each other....its just the fears of when were not. does this only work if im completely confedent in myself? cause i think thats where i lack things the most.
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